Our Products

Our product line is led by our passion to design and deliver business solutions that not only keep pace with global needs, but anticipate them as well. They combine solid reliability with cutting-edge technology development and real-world operations experience to create a set of solutions meeting service provider needs. We are committed to offering service providers products that cost-effectively meet their needs — now and in the future. Lacel Technologies maintains support of existing systems and services, enabling seamless migration to services in the future. All the while recognizing critical requirements for latest technology, performance and new business needs that enable a new generation of revenue-generating services

Hotel Management System

Tours/Safaris Management System

Luundalite Poultry Mobile App

Our mobile app solution provides an intensive diagnosis module for farmers to easily identify the issues with their poultry. The app is also equipped with a record keeping tool and a business calculation tool to help a farmer budget with efficacy to ensure higher productivity and maximum profitability.

Pig+ Mobile App

App made by Pig Farmers for Farmers.

Piggery made extremely easy for us from anywhere and at anytime.

With this App the farmer can see which pigs on the farm are on heat, about to produce and may other activities on the farm. With Pig+ App the farmer is informed 24/7 about the status of every pig on the farm, and their changes as they occur. You will be amazed by the functionalities of this app.

Key Features
- Keep all Farm records on the GO.
- Works even when you have no data plan paid for
- Know how to start a pig farm
- Keep track of the Farm businesses
- Know markets and consultants around you
- Follow up on important activities on the farm like weaning dates, mating dates and farrowing date.
- Good breeding methods
- Experts' advice
- Daily Piggery Tips to help you practise good methods of farming